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Ancient Oud Candle
Ancient Oud Candle

Ancient Oud Candle

Ancient Oud Candle

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A beautifully fragrant Australian made hand poured luxury soy wax candle.

This scent is based on the dark and resinous woody notes of Oud, an exotic musky oil with origins in the Assam region of India. The Ancient Oud fragrance is calming, reducing stress and promoting harmony.

Skin Type:
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How to Use

Lighting Your Candle:

When lighting your candle ensure the wick is trimmed to no longer than 5mm tall. Do this prior to every burn, it makes all the difference.

Should the wick extinguish soon after initial light, re-light a couple of times to get it going. Initially the flame will be quite tall, however, within a few minutes the flame should diminish in height.

During Burning:
To eliminate tunnelling of wax around wicks, allow the whole surface to become liquid before putting out your candle. Never exceed one hour burning once the whole surface is liquid. Never burn the last cm of wax.

After Burning:
To avoid the appearance of soot after burning, using a moist wipe, clean the inside of the glass vessel.

If you are concerned about the height of the flame, or smoking, blow out and let the candle re-set fully. Re-light after checking that the candle is not sitting in a draft and that the wick is no more than 5mm tall.

To Prevent Fire & Serious Injury:
Burn candle within sight, keep away from drafts and keep out of reach of children & pets. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Place candle on heat resistant surface. Never burn a candle for any more than 3 hours.

Should the flame start to dance on the surface of the wax, extinguish immediately.

Our candles are a labour of love – we hope you enjoy!
Individually hand poured organic soy wax, with bespoke Ancient Oud fragrance.