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Young/Oily/Acne Skin

Skin has an excessive oil flow, may have blemishes.

Your Personal Beauty Routine

Wildflower Essence Remedy
Inner Health

Begin and end each day with your Personal Wildflower Essence Remedy.
4 drops under the tongue morning and night.

Tantra Cleansing Foam

Tantra Cleansing Foam

It gently and deeply cleanses the skin – without stripping its natural oils. 

Refreshing Lotion

Refreshing Lotion

An abundance of witch hazel in this fresh toning lotion tightens the pores and soothes the skin while maintaining its natural pH balance.

Meridian Moisturising Cream
Morning Moisturising
Chakra Nourishing Cream
Night Moisturising
Skin Regeneration

Weekly routine.

Wattle Husk Peel then Revitaliser Mask (thinner application).

HA Serum
Intensive Serums

HA Serum in warmer months. (Always apply serums before creams)