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Body Beautiful

Your Daily Body Wellness Routine.

Wildflower Essence Remedy
Inner Health

Begin and end each day with your Personal Wildflower Essence Remedy.
Take 4 drops of your personal remedy under your tongue. Hold for a few seconds and then swallow. Your remedy helps to clear stress and tension from within, bringing you back into balance to help your skin.

Tantra Cleansing Foam
Awaken Daily

Tantra Cleansing Foam is a versatile face and body cleanser and gently and deeply cleanses the skin – without stripping its natural oils. Exfoliate with luxurious body scrubs handcrafted with mineral rich Australian sea salt and a combination of natural and organic oils.

Chakra Body Essence
Energise & Nourish

Chakra Body Essence: A blend of pure botanicals, with Wildflower Essences, made into a soothing, nourishing body milk. Restores moisture and distributes the wildflower essences over the body to relieve and heal dry skin.


TIP: Make your own personalised Aromatic Body Essence by combining 2-3 pumps of Chakra Body Essence to one pump of Aromatherapy Oil Blend (or a few drops of pure oil), mix in your hands and spread all over the body.