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What is my skin type?

The purest ingredients combined with high performance actives

Our on-going goal is to bring together the benefits of our healing therapies and organic ingredients, together with the latest anti-ageing actives, all combined in synergistic formulas that will deliver great results on every skin type, naturally!


The purest ingredients combined with high performance actives work powerfully yet gently on even the most sensitive skins, and all Heritage Healers skin and body care products are hypo-allergenic. Sensitive skin types can confidently select their products according to their skin type below assured that our gentle, but effective formulations and natural healing therapies will work to restore balance and calm sensitivity.


We have divided our products into treatment regimes for the four basic skin types, plus body-care. Of course everyone is unique so we have also worked hard to provide skin care solutions for most common skin problems as well, and remember you can contact us anytime for professional friendly advice on your specific skin concerns.