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@Home Healing


Our holistic wellness system starts with discovering your very own Ayurvedic element.
We recommend using your personalised wildflower essences as a base our to heal from within, then our all natural products to restore skin health; working inside and out to create balance, total well-being and youthful vitality.

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Bring home healing into your daily routine


Discover your personal element

Inspired by the Ayurvedic elements of nature – Earth, Water, Fire and Air – we have created a unique range of natural healing therapies that work to restore your inner balance.

Your personal wildflower essences, crystal energised aromatherapy oils and healing herbals, are all designed to reduce stress, enhance and maintain the positive qualities of YOUR element, and dissolve imbalances; the result is a renewed vitality, energy and well-being, helping you to look and feel more youthful.


Heal from within with your Flower Essence

Flower Essences capture the healing qualities of a particular flower, offering a unique way of rebalancing the whole person, body, mind and spirit. They work internally, dissolving stress and tension from within, to enhance your inner vitality, energy levels and well-being.

Take morning and night (four drops under the tongue, hold for a moment then swallow) – ideally as you use your skin care products – to keep you looking and feeling fantastic! Flower essences can be used in conjunction with both complimentary and orthodox medicines because they are totally safe and free from any side effects.

Nourish your skin and soul

Nourish your skin & soul

Added to a bath, used in massage, or blended with Chakra Body Essence, your crystal energised Aromatherapy Oil Blend will support and strengthen you through the toughest day.

Use to moisturise your body after a shower or make your own personalised Aromatic Body Essence by combining 2-3 pumps of Chakra Body Essence to 1 pump of aromatherapy massage oil blend, mix in your hands and apply after a bath or shower.

Take time out with a herbal infusion

Throughout the day

Take time out with a herbal infusion: Use a single bag for a cup, add freshly boiled water and infuse for 3-5 minutes. Sip regularly throughout the day to enjoy their therapeutic benefits. Infusions can also be cooled, put in the fridge, and served as a refreshing cold drink.

Soothe your space: A few drops or pure essential oil in your aromatherapy vaporiser will enhance your home or office environment with a beautiful natural therapeutic fragrance.

The pure oils can also be added to your bath or spa for total sensory indulgence. Collect all four blends to match your mood!

Prioritise Self Care

Prioritise Self Care

We all have so many commitments and responsibilities it’s hard to take a moment for ourselves. We hear this instruction when we travel “put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others” – but how often do we prioritise our own wellbeing so we can cope with everything life throws at us and be the best we can be for ourselves and others?

You can fold self-care into your routine in small ways – a walk, reading a book, a 15 minute breathe-and-stretch, or renew your soul and skin with a home facial treat. Even 30 minutes of quiet time away from the chaos can make all the difference.