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Rose Quartz Crystal Candle
Rose Quartz Crystal Candle

Rose Quartz Crystal Candle

Rose Quartz Crystal Candle

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These Australian made large soy wax Crystal Candles are lovingly hand poured into elegant white glass and then individually embellished with energising crystals and beautiful dried flowers.

Features Rose Quartz crystals, with natural Lychee & Peony fragrance – a fruity-floral combination with the subtle freshness of lychee fruit and the exquisite softness of peony petals.

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How to Use
NEVER leave a lit candle unattended.
Keep the candle on a level, stable, heat-resistant surface.
Do not use the candle if there are cracks in the glass.
Place a lit candle well out of reach from children and pets.

Candle Care.
When lighting your candle for the first time, do not extinguish the candle until the wax melts across the entire surface to the sides of glassware (this will help prevent tunnelling and creates an even burn for the duration of the candles life).
The wick should be trimmed to about 5mm before re-lighting for each burn.
Never burn candles for longer than 3-4 hours at a time.
Only burn to 5mm of wax in the bottom of the glass.
Vegan soy wax, pure cotton wicks and Australian made.