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All about Macadamia Oil

All about Macadamia Oil

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia oil is produced by cold pressing macadamia kernels, which is then refined to give a pure oil; this oil is rich in powerful anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and other key nutrients making it a skin superfood!

The Macadamia oil profile is a unique and perfect balance of oleic, palmitoleic, palmitic and linoleic fatty acids - most importantly, it is among the closest of all botanical oils to our own human sebaceous oil, (sebum).

Because it is so similar to our skin’s natural oils, macadamia oil quickly penetrates the outer layer of skin, where it can do the most important work.


Macadamia oil has excellent skin nourishing properties; but is especially effective in skin rejuvenation due to the very high content of Palmitoleic acid.

High levels of Palmitoleic acid are found in human sebum among the young, but the level dramatically drops in mature skin (see over); massaging Macadamia oil regularly into the skin restores the lost Palmitoleic acid, thereby maintaining the skin’s natural elasticity, to keep skin looking supple and youthful.


Phytosterols are another key component of Macadamia oil; these Phytosterols behave like cortisone to reduce itchiness, redness, and sooth irritated skin. Further Oleic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory, and Palmitoleic acid helps to heal skin damage including burns, wounds, and skin scratches - and is also an active anti-microbial; as a result, Macadamia oil is very effective in the treatment of eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Skin moisture, hydration and balance

Due to its unique combination of fatty acids, and fit with our skin’s own fatty acid composition, Macadamia oil has remarkable skin nourishing properties; Palmitoleic, Oleic and Linoleic acids are all key components for softening skin, regenerating skin cells, moisturizing, and combating the effects of skin dehydration. Further, by regulating sebum production, Macadamia oil can help restore balance to problematic oily skin.

Our aromatherapy oil blends

Inspire the senses with our crystal energised pure essential oils in a skin nourishing macadamia oil base. are Aligned with the Ayurvedic elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Added to a bath, used in massage or blended with Chakra Body Essence, these essential oils provide an aromatherapy treat that lasts all day. 


Aromatherapy Oil Blends