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Crystal massage roller
Crystal massage roller

Crystal massage roller

Crystal massage roller

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Relieve muscle tension, pain, stiffness and stress with this handy and effective massage roller.

The oval hand piece with its freely rotating crystal sphere lies perfectly in your hand, reduces the strain, and creates an entirely new massage experience for both, the person receiving the massage and the person giving.

With Rose Quartz – the crystal of the heart chakra, our love centre – working to boost empathy, (love of self and love of others), through the power of the heart chakra.

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How to Use
The Basic Movements of the crystal roller massage techniques consist of stroking, circling, kneading, walking and rubbing and should be done slowly. The rhythm should vary to create different sensations. Increase the pressure slowly. Please keep in mind that often less is more.

Attention: When massaging with crystal spheres, strong point forces can develop. You need only a little pressure when massaging with the crystal roller. Please therefore never use the crystal massage roller directly on the spine! ~ always move along the muscles to the right and left of the spine, or up and down to the side of the spine . You should, generally speaking, refrain from carrying out a massage if the receiver has any injury (swelling) or broken skin.

Crystal massage roller
We are committed to using natural ingredients of the highest quality and effectiveness.

The reddish-brown Cherry timber fortifies warm-heartedness and attentive care, as well as the ability to feel and be empathetic. For the person being treated, Cherry supports relaxation and letting go, and therefore deepens the effects of a massage

Rose Quartz crystal
• boosts empathy, the capacity of (self) love, the power of the heart chakra
• calms the mind
• promotes open-mindedness, helpfulness and harmonious cohabitation
• enhances blood circulation/flow, reduces stress