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Kansa Wand
Kansa Wand

Kansa Wand

Kansa Wand

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Long repetitive strokes of the Kansa Wand work to detoxify, revitalise and smooth stress wrinkles from the skin.

Crafted from the sacred metal alloy Kansa – a blend of pure copper and tin. In Ayurveda, (India’s traditional holistic healing system), this ancient metal blend is known as healing metal.

The Kansa Wand also has a powerful and profound effect on the subtle energies of the body, via the meridians and chakras, restoring balance and revitalising by amplifying and ‘tuning’ the body’s own natural energetic network.

Skin Type:
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How to Use
Apply your personal Aromatherapy Oil Blend to your face using light massage.
Warm Kansa Face Wand in the hand, start stroking the wand along forehead with gentle zig-zag motion.
Then, starting on right side of face …
Gentle circles around the eye (incl. eyebrow, cheekbone below the eye), returning to temple
Continue working from the facial mid-line out, moving down the face (use less pressure at the mid-line, more pressure as move outwards)
Use small circles in front of the right ear hole, then up and down the jaw-line
(Focus on TMJ point, the jawline, and middle of the chin).
Repeat all above on left side of face
Kansa Wand

Our Kansa Wands are made in India by artisans that have practised this craft for generations; the domed healing metal is a blend of pure copper and tin, set upon a hand-carved rosewood handle.