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Earth Oil Blend
Earth Oil Blend

Earth Oil Blend

Earth Oil Blend

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Uplift the senses with crystal energised pure essential oils in a skin nourishing macadamia oil base.

The Earth Blend is for inner peace and contentment.

Bergamot – great for anxiety, relieves depression.
Frankincense – relaxing, calms fearful feelings.
Geranium – harmonising and uplifting.
Cypress – has strengthening and clearing qualities.

Smoky Quartz and Red Jasper are crystals of the Earth element and Base Chakra.

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Size: 180ml bottle
Skin Type:
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How to Use
Added to a bath, used in massage or blended with Chakra Body Essence, this essential oil blend provides an aromatherapy treat to support and strengthen you through the toughest day.
Using different oil blends everyday the body senses are continually stimulated and harmonised by the specially selected essential oils and crystals.
TIP: Make your own personalised Aromatic Body Essence by combining 2-3 pumps of Chakra Body Essence to 1 pump of aromatherapy massage oil blend, mix in your hands and apply after bath or shower.

Caution: Aromatherapy products should not be used during pregnancy.
Earth Oil Blend
We are committed to using natural ingredients of the highest quality and effectiveness.

INGREDIENTS: Macadamia Oil (Macadamia Integrifolia), Bergamot Oil (Citrus Bergamia, fruit peel), Frankincense Oil (Boswellia Carteri, stem), Geranium Oil (Pelargonium Graveolens, leaf), Cypress (Cupressus Sempervirens, young leafy twig).

Smoky Quartz – helps to neutralise negative influences also assists with endurance and energy. Has a grounding effect on energy while allowing clarity of thought.
Red Jasper – known as the \\'supreme nurturer\\', assists on releasing the bonds of constraint. It protects against negativity and helps one connect to the stabilising energies of the Earth.